Artificial Intelligence will help the Metaverse become mainstream

Artificial Intelligence will help the Metaverse become mainstream

Artificial intelligence will become an integral part of the core functioning of the Metaverse, and the integration of the latest artificial intelligence will bring a good experience to users.

New project launches related to the Metaverse are growing rapidly, and the industry’s market size is expected to grow from $100.27 billion in 2022 to $1,527.55 billion in 2029. But how many of these new projects will achieve their intended goals?

We’re still a long way from a true metaverse.

Many of the Metaverse projects that are running are game projects. Most of these projects only contain standard game features, virtual reality, NFTs, and token economies. A true metaverse should be a parallel digital world to our real world, in which participants can organize and participate in a variety of activities, gatherings, sports, office, socializing, trade, entertainment, and learning, and the digital world will contain reality. With all the various environments in the world that are not even there, there are a large number of developers and a huge amount of money to build this vision.

Usually, we only focus on the 3D scene of the metaverse, but artificial intelligence will be at the core of the metaverse to create social value.

How will artificial intelligence improve the metaverse?

1. Solving the “sparsely populated” problem of the metaverse

The metaverse concept provides a huge opportunity for tech companies in related fields to develop their own metaverse. With over 160 companies currently participating, including Google, Microsoft, META, Apple, Baidu, and Tencent, these big tech companies bring users a plethora of usage options, each with their own unique advantages.

The advantage of this competitive situation for users is that it provides a more diverse environment, and users can choose from a variety of experiences. The downside is that for the early metaverse, what would have been a small number of users became more dispersed, and interaction between users became a huge problem.

However, Ai characters powered by artificial intelligence can greatly help solve the problem of sparsely populated virtual worlds. An AI-built character that can talk to users, trade, create together, attend rallies, and even fight will turn a virtual ghost town into a living digital world, inspiring more people to join the metaverse.

2. Guiding users through the different metaverses

Due to the rise of multiple metaverses, users not only need to choose the ideal environment but also need to be able to move seamlessly between each individual metaverse. Moving assets between different metaverses will be a promising place for artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will guide users to easily move between each unique metaverse, helping users to traverse the various metaverse spaces without loss of assets.

It is estimated that by 2026, 25% of the world will use the metaverse every day. From newcomers to the metaverse, to seasoned blockchain-savvy drivers, everyone needs artificial intelligence to guide and assist in all kinds of things.

Providing assistance to all users will be a tedious job, and AI will ensure the most comprehensive assistance is provided to any user at any time.

3. Ai will help in Building a truly digital world

Artificial intelligence technology will become the main force in the construction of the metaverse environment. Two key achievements in the field of artificial intelligence (the processing power behind artificial intelligence) and neurosymbolic artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence technology with advanced learning capabilities).

These two technologies will generate the scene we need for each user. The user describes some details about the scene to the artificial intelligence, and the two technologies will then generate a 3D model based on the user’s description, which will automatically launch a full VR experience after rendering, and finally combine the user’s suggestions and refine and expand it. As the latest AI technologies are deployed, they will unlock the true potential of the metaverse and we will see spectacular digital worlds.

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