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Inside Somnium Space

People in their thousands continue to acquire pieces of real estate in the metaverse with the hope that, just like bitcoin, its value will skyrocket in the near future.

But we get it. The playing field is not particularly level or clear. We really are not sure which of these metaverses is going to become really big. However, this does not prevent us from making educated guesses about which part of the metaverse looks the most promising.

This research is based purely on the money. Which one of the metaverses is making money in the present, not which one might make money in the future, as we are flying on the principle of “the bird in hand.”

7. OVR

Similar to Superworld, OVR is a layer in digital form that covers the globe with 1.6 trillion unique hexagons. These Hexagons are called OVRLAND (which is also the name of the token). Lands can be traded or rented in a decentralized manner.

Till date, OVR has completed 80 transactions, bringing in $43K in revenue.

6. Vegas City

Everybody loves Las Vegas, right? Well, land has been going on sale in this space. Vegas City is a prime real estate location right inside of Decentraland and not a Metaverse on its own.

Vegas City has its own token. It has recorded 107 trades and has generated around $500K in revenue.

5. SuperWorld

When you map every speck of land on the planet, divide it into 64.8 billion unique plots of virtual land, and sell it all, you have what is known as the SUPERWORLD metaverse.

Founded by Hrish Lotlikar, SuperWorld allows you to buy just about any part of land on the globe.

You can choose to buy the Taj Mahal for 50 ETH or the Mount Rushmore for 0.1 ETH.

If you are interested in buying that piece of land where you grew up as a child, chances are you are in luck. As of today, only about 14K pieces of land have been bought. This transaction has generated $3.5M for SuperWorld, and with more press coverage, more people will know about this metaverse and it could drive the prices up.

4. Somnium Space

This space is shaped by the players, and it allows people to buy, build, and import objects into their space, and even allows for monetization. Somnium Space is a social space built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Though not as big as CrytoVoxels, Somnium Space, however, tops CrytoVoxels in terms of the amount of money that have been paid for a piece of land. This figure is 12.5ETH, a decent 2.5ETH more than what was ever paid on CrytoVoxels.

The 3 prominent tokens on in this space are; WORLD, AVATAR, and PARCEL (the most common).

Somnium space has completed over 4,400 transactions and brought in a decent $20M in the process. These figures are, however, expected to keep rising as the popularity of this metaverse continues to trend upwards.

3. CryptoVoxels

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, this metaverse allows you to create your very own land, and your ownership of the land is recorded permanently on the ETH blockchain. The lands in this metaverse have the feel of Minecraft, and you are able to add your own custom colors to it.

The highest amount anyone has ever paid for a plot of land on CrytoVoxels is 10ETH, and the dollar adjusted value for it as at the time this report was filed is $33k. This parcel of land measures in at 320 square meters in the Origin City.

However, this is not the only piece of land that holds the record, as this is indeed a joint record held by another piece of land that measures in at 200 square meters.

CryptoVoxels has completed over 11,000 trades to date and has made over $34M in revenue since it started. A recent trend has showed that buyers are looking into alternatives to Decentraland and the SandBox, and CrytoVoxels is a place they are certainly looking to invest in.

2. Decentraland

This is also a metaverse that has broken records in the past. In November of 2021, after Facebook announced their change to the “META,” digital land prices hit the stratosphere as’s founder, Andrew Kiguel, put down a monstrous $2.5M to purchase land at a commercial hub, a space that occupies a total of 6090 square feet. In comparison, the highest amount of money someone ever paid for the SandBox is around $84K (or 27 ETH)

Decentraland is right next to Sandbox in terms of the number of deals closed, which currently stands at over 133k. However, they have made only about half of what Sandbox has made in terms of actual sales of the land, and this figure stands at $164 million.

Can Decentraland look promising enough to overtake Sandbox in the near future?

1. The Sand Box

Users control their LAND and host their creative magic in the Sandbox. This is a community-driven platform where users can purchase, sell, and trade their creations in other marketplaces.

The sandbox has a token called “LAND.”

At the time of filing this report, the Sandbox is, by a wide margin, the number one metaverse land space, whose record land sale was for 27 ETH (for a piece of real estate).

The Sandbox also slightly leads in the amount of all time sales, which comes in at over 141k deals, and till this time, the SandBox has sold land in excess of $372M.

This makes the SandBox the undisputed leader in the sale of Digital Land.

You should seriously consider upland as well


Because you can as well use FIAT currencies to buy land in the Upland, tracking their transaction data is a bit difficult. After filing this report, we reached out to UPLAND to supply us with this data. If they reply, this article will be rewritten to accommodate them and put them in the right spot in the ranking.

Actual Blockchain data has been used to compile this report. And, at the time of filing, the report is completely accurate.

This report will also be updated as more data becomes available.

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